Prevent Your Asphalt From Being Damaged

Turn to us for driveway or parking lot seal coating services in Lyman & Biddeford, ME

Your parking lot or driveway was a big investment. Keep it in top condition for longer by hiring Tough Seal, LLC for seal coating services. We offer residential and commercial seal coating services in Lyman & Biddeford, ME. Our crew will apply a tough, full-coverage seal coating to your asphalt. Since we use emulsifiers in our products and not water, our seal coating will hold up better over time than others on the market.

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The benefits of protecting your asphalt

There are plenty of reasons why you should get seal coating services. Just some of the benefits for your asphalt include:

  • Having a longer life span
  • Not requiring so many pricey repairs
  • Being protected from oil and gas spills
You can count on us to help you maintain a spotless parking lot or driveway. Set up an appointment to seal coat your asphalt right away.