Biddeford, ME

Durable Driveway & Asphalt Sealing in Biddeford, ME

Biddeford, ME is a fast-growing town in York County. The downtown area has witnessed a revitalization over the last few years and is known as the main commercial center in the county. While Biddeford is booming, that doesn't stop the weather from wreaking its normal amount of havoc year-round. Whether it is freezing temperatures, snow & ice accumulation, or constant use, our parking lots & driveways take a fair amount of abuse. That is why having a reliable asphalt sealing company at your fingertips can save you money in the long run. 

Tough Seal LLC, repairs and seals large parking lots and small driveways. Don’t settle for a "sprayed on” seal coat when you can get a much tougher coat that will outlast our competitors. Tough Seal accomplishes their driveway and asphalt sealing by hand with a Squeegee, so you get a thicker coat and longer protection for the same competitive price that others in the industry will quote you. Our sealing services can withstand a treacherous Biddeford, ME winter. 

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No matter the size of your driveway or parking lot, Tough Seal is the team that can accomplish the job with superior craftsmanship, high-quality products, and a commitment to customer service. There is a reason the Biddeford community has trusted us with their asphalt sealing since 1994. We offer a variety of driveway & parking lot protection services including: 

If you live in the Biddeford, ME area and you want a professional company to assist in your driveway sealing, contact us today. We will come out to your home or place of business and give you a free quote and analysis of your property. Don't let another summer go by without proper asphalt sealing.