Improve Your Crumbling Asphalt ASAP

Set up asphalt replacement services in Lyman & Biddeford, ME

Your driveway or parking lot might be in good condition, but Tough Seal, LLC can help you make it perfect. We provide asphalt replacement and repair services for crumbling sections of your surface. Crumbling asphalt, or gator cracks, can make your driveway or parking lot look old and poorly maintained. Thankfully, we can cut out the problem area and replace it with smooth asphalt before we seal coat your surface.

Don't let crumbling asphalt ruin the curb appeal of your property. Arrange for asphalt repair or replacement services in Lyman & Biddeford, ME now.

Crumbling asphalt has met its match with us

Gator cracks are a common problem that driveway and parking lot owners have to deal with. They can be caused by:

  • Ignoring the asphalt repairs you need for too long
  • Having too much weight on your asphalt
  • Hiring someone who installed your asphalt incorrectly
No matter the cause of the cracks, you can find an easy fix with us. Once we finish the asphalt replacement, you won't be able to tell there was ever a problem.