Asphalt Application

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When choosing a company to apply your asphalt for your driveway or parking lot, it is crucial that you do your research to ensure that it is done right in order for it to be long-lasting. Asphalt is a sticky, black, semi-solid form of petroleum used to bind aggregate together. A versatile material, asphalt creates a smooth, durable surface for driveways, walking paths, roads and parking lots. A few benefits of asphalt include:

It is safe

It is smooth

It is cost-effective

It is quiet

It is attractive

It is durable

Asphalt Application in Saco, ME

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At Tough Seal LLC, it is our promise to apply high-quality asphalt. We want you to enjoy all of the benefits that asphalt has to offer on your property. Our customer service and worth ethic are unmatched, and we are always sure to make sure you are more than satisfied when we leave. We are proud to be your local asphalt application company serving Biddeford, ME; Saco, ME; Kennebunk, ME; Wells, ME, and the surrounding areas. If you have been thinking about asphalt application at your home or business, we are the team you can trust. Give us a call today to ask any questions you may have, or to get started on your project. We are ready to work with you!