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Everything started in 1994 when my brother got the idea of sealcoating driveways from a friend. He was earning extra money while attending college and both my brother and I immediately saw the appeal. After learning about the craft, my brother and I decided to try it out for ourselves. We definitely attended the “school of hard knocks” many times through our early days, but as with anything worthwhile, we remained determined to get better until we perfected the trade. We never settled for “good enough.” Instead, we sought more information about our products and ways to improve them. Eventually, we found a way to “toughen up” the sealcoat regularly sold on the market.

Today, Tough Seal repairs and seals large parking lots, and yes, small driveways. Don’t settle for “ordinary” or “sprayed on” sealcoat when you can get a much tougher coat that will outlast our competitors. Tough Seal applies everything by hand with a Squeegee, so you get a thicker coat and longer protection for the same competitive price that others in the industry will quote you. Whether you're interested in updating your business's parking lot or asphalt sealing your driveway, our team has the experience and equipment to help.

Hire us today! We offer high-quality products and workmanship at fair rates.

We are proud to serve residential and commercial clients throughout the Kennebunk, Wells, Biddeford & Saco, ME area.

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About Tough Seal LLC

We’re Tough Seal. Always true to our name, we’re known throughout the York County community for high-quality products and workmanship at fair rates.