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When it comes to repairing significant damage, the only type of crack filler that actually works requires that the product be heated to a sweltering temperature before it’s applied. Hot rubber crack repair is not an easy process. But like we were saying, it’s the only filler that works to effectively repair serious damage, so that’s what we use.

After all, we’re not called Tough Seal for nothing. Keep in mind, however, this type of repair is not compatible with all cracked asphalt repairs. Hot rubber can only be applied to cracks that are a minimum of 3/8 of an inch wide and 3/4 of an inch deep.

The Tough Seal team has earned a reputation for skilled craftsmanship throughout Lyman and the greater York, Cumberland, and Strafford County community. There are plenty of sealcoating companies that are simply not worth doing business with. Some have even been known to use the term “rubberized crack filler” in an effort to deceive customers into assuming that it’s one and the same as hot rubber crack repair.

Unfortunately, “rubberized crack filler” or trowel-grade crack filler, as it’s sometimes called, aren’t anything more than roundabout terms to replace the more well-known term “bucket crack filler,” which is a method that does not deliver long-lasting solutions.

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Applied by Hand, Tough Seal’s High-Quality Products Outlast the Competition

With over two decades of experience, the highest quality products, and the highest recognized industry standards, we’re confident you’ll agree. Tough Seal proudly lives up to its name, serving all of the York County community.

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Experience matters when it comes to an investment as significant as sealcoating. Trust Tough Seal to get it done right!

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Drying times for sealcoating will depend on the weather conditions. Sealcoating dries faster in dry warm weather, but Tough Seal never compromises on the highest-quality products.

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We treat every driveway and parking lot with respect and provide the highest quality commercial material on the market today.

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Our team understands that sometimes a quick fix is all that’s required. If that’s the case, our team takes the time to ensure the customer knows it’s not a long-term solution. True to our name, Tough Seal encourages customers to commit to long-term sealcoating solutions as soon as their budget allows it.

Tough Seal repairs and seals large parking lots, small driveways, and everything in between. Don’t settle for an ordinary or sprayed-on seal coat when you can get a much tougher coat that will outlast our competitors. We apply everything by hand with a squeegee, so you get a thicker coat and longer protection for the same competitive price that others in the industry will quote you.

With over two decades of experience, the highest quality products, and the highest recognized industry standards, we’re confident you’ll agree, Tough Seal proudly lives up to its name.

For Sealcoating Mastery, Look to Tough Seal

Parking lots and driveways in Maine will need to be sealcoated every two to three years to prevent damage from harsh freeze-thaw cycles, rain, snow, and sleet. Tough Seal’s high-quality products and first-rate workmanship ensure you get the most out of your investment.

  • Seal coating: We do not spray our seal coat; we squeegee our seal coat
  • Repair damaged driveways and parking lots with hot asphalt
  • Replace damaged areas on driveways
  • Replace damaged areas on the parking lots
  • Blacktop repairs (all types of blacktop repairs)
  • Professional asphalt application

We also deliver loams, gravel, and stone.

In addition, Tough Seal provides repair services like crack filling, patching, and sealcoating your asphalt once every couple of years to prevent asphalt oxidation and to keep your parking lot looking new.

Tough Seal proudly provides high performance coats that are blended with polymers and special surfactants, designed for sealcoating, protecting, and beautifying all types of asphalt.

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Client Testimonials

Glenn Teano

“Norman is one of the best people I’ve dealt with. A very professional and sincere guy. We wanted the same type of service to be provided and we appreciate honesty. This is the type of company that is geared toward success. We love doing business with people like Norman. We look forward to making things happen. Working hand in hand with Tough Seal LLC to reach the main goal. To succeed and to increase the value of service and promote the asphalt industry. We will continue to provide outstanding service to our clients. With these values, we are aligned and we are grateful to do business with you. Thank You for being one of Asphalt Kingdom’s valued clients. We will have a bright future.”

Ella Holland

“Norman and his crew were great! My driveway looks amazing! 5 stars, would recommend to anyone and everyone.”

Elaine Sapp

“SAVED MY DRIVEWAY! Norm and his crew saved my drive. I had a huge area that I did not think could be salvaged and the cut it out and replaced it with new asphalt. (At a reasonable price, I might add)Then they seal coated the rest of my driveway and it looks Amazing! Thank you Tough Seal.”